C.P. Hale Innovations Estates LLC also offers graphic design services. Within the graphic design services clients from various business industries as well as special occasions of everyday life are focused upon. Design. by Charnice has created professional looking designs for various businesses/organizations/companies such as RIGHT Inc., Abundant Life Restoration Health Care LLC, Up N' Comin Magazine, The Kingdom of Fitness & Wellness, Glenn's We-Keep-It-Clean Detailing, and BodiBand. For special occasions of everyday life, custom designs have been created for wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday parties, engagements, and graduations; just to name a few.

Client's obtain tailored-made designs ranging from small to large sizes for both print and web. C.P. Hale Innovations Estate LLC tailors to (but not limited to) flyers, posters, business cards, word logos, announcements, invitations, multi-media packaging (album art), and websites.

Choosing C.P. Hale Innovations Estates LLC will give you the extra boost of confidence of showcasing your business or sharing an extraordinary moment in your personal life. Whatever the case may be, C.P. Hale Innovations Estate LLC can help you do just that.

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